• Free time activities and hobbies.
  • Likes and dislikes.
  • Penfriends and e-pals: a way to improve your English.

Book pages: 81-85.


7 Responses to “55-56”

  1. msandraclemente Says:

    My favourite hobbies are riding my bicycle; surfing the net; swimming; fishing; playing cards and shopping. I don’t like paragliding, skydiving or surfing, climbing, or any radical sport.

    You can already see a “sandra cotinhas” penpal message.


  2. Ana Rodrigues Says:

    My favourite hobbies are doing exercise, walking on the beach, being at home. I don麓t like the singing.

  3. Nuno Couto Says:

    My favourite hobby is exercising. I do it at home and in the coutryside where are threes and flowers. I also do it in the gym. I can do it whenever I like, but I usually do it early in the morning or when I finish my work.

  4. amfonseca Says:

    Dear students:

    Thank you for sharing your hobbies with us. It’s great to know a little about what you really like doing and about your life, too.

    As you can see, I’ve made minor corrections to your writing. Don’t forget to correct your notes (if you made them)!

    See you!

  5. Ana Lucia Says:

    My favourite hobby is reading.
    I love books with real stories.
    I read books at home or in a coffee shop by the seaside.
    I go near to the beach because it is calm and beautiful.

  6. Ana Paula Says:

    My favourite hobbies are watching tv, listening to music and going for walks on the beach.

  7. amfonseca Says:

    Well done, Ana L煤cia and Ana Paula!!
    Please continue writing here!

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