• Likes and dislikes
  • Expressing preferences about hobbies.


Page 85  (Function Bank)

Exercise C – example sentences for expressing likes and dislikes.

Oral practice – Short dialogues exploring students’ preferences about hobbies. 


Vanda – Sandra, what hobbies do you like?

Sandra – I like cycling, but I don’t like weightlifting.

Vanda – Really? I do!  I like weightlifting and jogging. I love sports!

Sandra – Really? I don’t.

Vanda – What more do you like doing, Sandra?

Sandra – I don’t mind swimming. What I really love doing is playing with my two little girls.

Vanda – Really? Me too. I am very keen on children and being with my friends and family. I also enjoy reading.

Sandra – Me too! I enjoy a good book.


If you share the same opinion or preference, you can say:

me too = eu também / so do I = também eu

me neither = eu também não / neither do I = nem eu

If you don’t have the same opinion or if you prefer another thing, you should say:

Really? I don’t! = A sério? Eu não!

Really? I do! = A sério? Eu sim!

Task: Write about your favourite hobby and publish it here! 


5 Responses to “57”

  1. Nuno Couto Says:

    Nuno: – Do you have a hobby?
    Miguel: – Yes, I do! I usually swim at Mondays and Thursdays. And what about you?
    Nuno: – I like exercising, when I can.
    Miguel: – If you had a different hobby what would you choose?
    Nuno: – I’ll choose cycling… to lose some weight!
    Miguel: – So do I!
    Nuno: – Really! Shall we buy a bike?
    Miguel: – Do you have a bike?
    Nuno: Yes, I do!
    Miguel: – Really? I don´t…
    Nuno: OK, enough exercise for today…
    Miguel: Bye..

  2. Nuno Couto Says:

    This is crazy. What if I get some gay answers?

  3. amfonseca Says:

    Hi, Nuno! What do you mean ‘gay answers’? Do you meand strange or funny? I liked your dialogue a lot!
    Well done!

  4. beatriz Says:

    My favourite hobby is photography. I like taking pictures very much, when I go out with my boyfriend at the weekend. I like to remember the places I go to or visit.

  5. amfonseca Says:

    Hi, Beatriz!
    As you can see, I’ve made some corrections on your comment. But it was a good comment! Well done, girl!
    Keep up the good work!

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