• Exploring Blogsibilities – answering some questions on how to access and use it.
  • Correcting students’ work on favourite hobbies and free time activities preferences.
  • Penfriends and e-pals: reading compreension.
  • Introducing linking words: sentence structure.

Pages 82-83

Talking about pen pals or pen friends and electronic pals (e-pals)

Talking about tradicional mail (snail mail) and e-mail, sms, chats and MSN Messenger.

Presenting and exploring the site of the text: www.anglik.net.

How to surf the net safely: things you shouldn’t publish or do online.

Reading the text. Comprehension exercises: A, B and C


1. Use the site’s quick link to place your own pen pal message!

2. What is your opinion about using the Internet to find friends? Tell us about it here!


2 Responses to “58-59-60”

  1. sandraclemente Says:

    Dear teacher and colleagues I never used the Internet to find a friend before, but I am trying.

  2. amfonseca Says:

    Dear Sandra:

    I corrected some mistakes on your comment. Try not to repeat those mistakes.

    If you get any messages from anglik.net, don’t forget to tell us all about it!

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