• Filling in an e-pal application form.
  • Writing a message to meet an e-pal.
  • Linking words: sentence joining exercise.

Page 87 – preparing to meet interesting pen pals worldwide.

A – Application form

B – Message writing. You can use the text about Vicki as a model to write your own message.

Page 86 – linking words exercise.


2 Responses to “61”

  1. amfonseca Says:

    Sandra: I noticed you have placed your own message in anglik.net. It was quite good! Would you like publish it here? Did you get any replies? Interesting people to practise your English with? I hope you get interesting e-pals!

    Dear students: don’t be shy and use that site or another one to find an English speaking friend! Tell us about it, too!

  2. sandraclemente Says:

    Dear teacner and colleagues this is my post in anglik.net:

    Posted On: January 22, 2008 11:08:03 PM

    Name: Sandra Cotinhas
    E-mail:: sandra@anglik.zzn.com
    Age: 35
    From:: Portugal
    Seeking:: Both Male and Female Friends
    Hobbies:: riding on my bicycle; surfing the net; swiming; fishing; playing cards; shopping
    Comments / Remarks:: Hello, my name is Sandra. I’m from Portugal and I‘m looking around for new friends. I want to learn more about England and is culture, can anyone help me? I also want to pratise the language.
    PS: I love William Blake.
    Best regards to all of you.

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