• Past simple: speaking and writing about past events:
    • verb to be
    • there to be (there was / there were)
    • regular verbs
    • time markers
  • Building sentences and blank filling using the past simple.

Pages 92-93

Exercises B and C.

Past simple online selected exercises.

You can practise online by clicking the links below. You can check and correct your answers immediately, too!

  1. To be – was / were – multiple choice. 
  2. To be – was / were – sentence building.
  3. Regular verbs – multiple choice.
  4. Regular verbs – multiple choice.

5 Responses to “68-69”

  1. sandraclemente Says:

    Dear teacher, I have made the exercises B and C, with some difficulty in regular verbs

  2. Ana Rodrigues Says:

    Olá professora, tive a fazer os exercicios acima descritos são uns exercicios bons de praticar mas no exercicio relativo ao past. simple of be: waswere, não consigo fazer a resposta nº 2 e 6. continuação de um bom fim de semana Ana Rodrigues

  3. amfonseca Says:

    Hi, Ana!

    This is what you should have written:

    2 – I was in London yesterday. (Ontem estive em Londres.)
    6 – I was born in Paris. (Nasci em Paris.)

    Now that you did more exercises in class, and online, how do you feel? Is past simple still difficult? Hope not! I will get you further practice right here in Blogsibilities. 🙂

  4. sandraclemente Says:

    Dear teacher, did more exercises .

  5. amfonseca Says:

    Hi, Sandra! I am really glad to know that! 😀 Did you have any problems this time? Any questions? Don’t hesitate to tell me about it right here so that I can help you. 😉

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