• Reading comprehension exercises.
  • Vocabulary exercises – native language, foreign language, second language, official language.
  • Comparative adjectives: sentence completing and sentence building.

Page 103 

Reading Comprehension exercises


  1. e
  2. g
  3. a
  4. c
  5. b
  6. d
  7. f


  1. “I have always… native one.”
  2. “He told me… to study the language.”
  3. “Just by learning… many more countries.”
  4. “… the best way to… period of time.”
  5. “I chose…. to the Pacific Ocean.”
  6. “I was right… It was simply cool!”

Vocabulary exercises


  1. native language
  2. official language
  3. second language
  4. foreign language

Page 104

A        Comparativo de superioridade

  1. hotter
  2. colder
  3. bigger
  4. more expensive
  5. more peaceful
  6. longer
  7. easier
  8. prettier
  9. funnier

B        Comparativo de inferioridade.

  1. Italy is not as big as Spain.
  2. Sylvia doesn’t work as hard as Elizabeth.
  3. Hang-gliding isn’t as exciting as mountain-climbing.
  4. My car isn’t as fast as yours.
  5. The black shirt isn’t as expensive as the brown one.
  6. Anna isn’t as efficient as Michael.

Obs: Onde vemos

negativa + as + adjectivo + as

poderíamos ter

negativa + so + adjectivo + as.

not as ADJECTIVE as = not so ADJECTIVE as

Para mais detalhes sobre esta matéria vão a este post do Blogsibilities.


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