• Modal verbs: blank filling exercises; asking for permission.
  • Linking words / connectors revision: and (e), or (ou), but (mas) and so (portanto).
  • Recommended revision / preparation exercises for the Progress Test (10th March):

 Modal verbs


  1. can
  2. couldn’t
  3. Could
  4. can’t
  5. Can
  6. couldn’t
  7. can’t
  8. can


  1. May I open the window?
  2. May / Can I take a photograph here?
  3. Can I go to the bathroom?
  4. Dad, can I go out with my friends tonight?

Linking words or connectors

Page 86 (revision), pages 124-125 exercises.

C1 – Joining sentences (unir as frases com um dos connectors indicados).

  1. It was very hot so I opened the door.
  2. She bought a newspaper but she didn’t read it.
  3. I tried to do the exercise, but I couldn’t do it.
  4. They had lunch and they went for a walk.
  5. You can come with me or you can come with your sister.
  6. They like films so they often go to the cinema.
  7. Are you ill or are you tired?

C2 – Combining sentences by using the connector in brackets (unir as frases com o connector indicado)

  1. Friendgine helps you to find friends and it also helps you to find a job.
  2. You can meet new people or you can stay in touch with old friends.
  3. I don’t like chat rooms because (porque) you can meet dangerous people here.
  4. She didn’t invite me so (portanto, por isso) I couldn’t go to her the party.
  5. When (quando) I arrived home Mary was sending and e-mail.
  6. It’s a nice flat, but it’s too small.

You can practise for your test by doing the revision exercises on pages 124-133  (all exercises except J, K, L, M and N)


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