Your Opinion Counts!

Polls (recolhas de opinião or sondagens)  are easy and important!

Try this one!

This is how you do it:

1. Fill in your data (name, class number and e-mail).

2. Click one of the options presented.

3. Click “submit” to select it.

Did you like this activity? Don’t forget to comment it here!


2 Responses to “Your Opinion Counts!”

  1. Sandra & Vanda Says:

    I did like this activity .Bicause Because I i have fun had and i I did it with wed my colleague Vanda.

  2. amfonseca Says:

    Hi, Sandra and Vanda!
    Thank you for doing this! It also pleases me a lot that you not only do things around here, but you also have fun.
    Congrats, ladies!

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