• First conditional: possible and very probable to happen (in the present or future).

First Conditional

    (if = se)

Ifpresent simplefuture (will / can / may / might + verb in the infinitive)

 Sentence structure

If it rains, we won’t have a picnic.        /       We won’t have a picnic if it rains.

If you work hard, you can pass the test.      /       You can pass the test if you work hard.

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  1. If you‘re hungry, you can have a sandwich.
  2. If John doesn’t shave off his beard, Lucy won’t go out with him.
  3. If Mary is lucky, she may get a small part in a film.
  4. If it rains, we won’t go to the beach.
  5. If you don’t like the pullover, I‘ll give it to your brother.
  6. If you‘re thirsty, I can make some fruit juice.
  7. If you don’t study, you won’t pass the exam.

About exercise A – go to Box for audio file!


  1. will give
  2. comes
  3. Will you take, go
  4. will get, doesn’t go
  5. won’t be, go
  6. will miss, doesn’t hurry
  7. Will you mind, uses
  8. am, do not wait
  9. wear, won’t get
  10. Will your mother get, arrive

About exercise B – go to Box for audio file!


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3 Responses to “104”

  1. Nuno Couto Says:

    Man versus Machine
    There are some arguments and opinions about Man versus Machine. There are computers in cars, televisions, cd players or washing machines…
    We can predict some good and bad sides. Ask some questions about the future of these tecnological development and artificial inteligence that have to do with man and robots, what has to do with Man versus Machine? There is a bad side: computers / robots replace man’s work. This causes unemployment. Computers may be in controle very soon. Will they destroy man? There is also a good side. Computers store a great amount of information, we can communicate with people easily and quickly. Computers and robots simplify work, computers/robots do repetative taks and electrical aplicatons are a great help at home. Can we imagine a world where machines can rule? This is most liklely to come true.

  2. Nuno Couto Says:

    ops! I’ve forgotten to send

  3. amfonseca Says:

    Hi, Nuno.
    Some mistakes, but quite good anyway 🙂
    Please use the corrected version to improve your porfolio 😉

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