• Assessing and commenting the students’ portfolio (version 1).
  • Video games and computer games.
  1. Answer these questions here in Blogsibilities!
  2. Now click here and do what is tells you to do. 
  3. Are you familiar with video game types? Are you addicted to video games or are you totally indifferent to them? Go to page 160 and find out! 
  4. Listen and read – page 161.

 You can use your ideas about this topic to enrich your English portfolio!


4 Responses to “105-106”

  1. Vanda and Sandra Says:

    1-Yes, we like computer games.
    2-I have never tried playing but Sandra likes play very much.
    3-Yes, we have.

  2. Beatriz and Ana Isabel Rodrigues Says:

    1- Yes, I like computers games.
    2- Yes, we have played the computers games.
    3- Yes, my friends playing the games at the weekend

    Ana Isabel Rodrigues

  3. Vanda and Sandra Says:

    4-Vanda: I chose the “who wants to be a millionairie”.
    4-Sandra:”Tomb Raider”
    5-Vanda: I like this game because if I answer the questions I can get a big cheque.
    5-Sandra: I like this type of computer game because they offer a lot of adventure, action and exploration. Lara Croft deals with many dangerous situations.

  4. amfonseca Says:

    Dear Students:
    As you can see, I have reviewed and corrected your answers.
    Nuno and Rosário: where is your contribution?? What happened? Don’t forget to write your own answers here.
    Those of you who weren’t in class, please try and do this as well, OK?
    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write asking for help!

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