• Inventions, discoveries and social changes.

Pages 154-156

Task for today:

Write a composition about the way technological developments are changing:

  • the way we face work and
  • our lifestyles.

2 Responses to “107”

  1. sandraclemente Says:

    Since first computer was conceptualized by the 19th century British mathematician named Charles Babbage, technology has made a huge leap. From several tonnes in its appearance, the computer today weighs less than 1 kg. The computer would prove to be a tremendous boon to humanity. In fact, they can store a great amount of information in a single chip. The repetitive tasks performed by several men are now made by a single computer, simplifying the work. It has revolutionized everything from banking to manufacture, agriculture, communication and sales and its electrical appliances are a great help at home. The salutary effect of computers in the field of medicine was considerable, providing more precise measurements and monitoring in such procedures as surgical anesthesia, blood testing and intravenous injections. nowadays with the Internet we can communicate with people easily and quickly. But there are also arguments against.One of the arguments is that computers and the web depersonalize the interactions betwen people, permit credit agencies, insurance companies, and governments to collect, store, and sell data about us, cause unemployment replacing man at work, causing a revolt by those. Every year programmers write new software to make computers smarter. Often, these computers begin working for humans, but now, as a result of more sophisticated artificial intelligence, some refuse to do this and start to the frightening and dangerous things. I think, as referred in our book, that computers maybe in control very soon. If man can’t control their evolution and his dependence of these machines, they will destroy him.

  2. amfonseca Says:

    Hello, Sandra.
    Thank you for your input! Good point and extremely well written. Did you have any help? Tell us all about it!
    See you on Monday.

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