Computer age task correction

Dear students:

You could have done better for this task… Only some of you used Moodle to submit your answers as requested in class. In the future, please avoid copying word for word what you read in your book, or copying excerpts or paragraphs from your colleagues…

What matters are your own ideas, doing what is asked for in due time and in the right place!

Do not give up!

Page 141 Computer AgeCorrection key:

1. The song’s about the computer age, that is technology.

2. The means of transport mentioned in the text are: cars, trucks, bikes and vans.

3. The two places referred to in text are a city (a corner near traffic lights and lots of traffic) and a desert.

5. The writer’s feelings towards computer age are positive: he feels more than just a number as he interacts with technology.

8. (Open answer.)

9. (Open answer.)

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